Attic Mould Removal

What’s in your attic? 

No one wants to crawl around in their attic, and most of us don’t even think about it…until it becomes a costly repair or you’re in the process of selling your home.

Although the attic space is not considered to be part of your breathable air, mould and water damage can cause considerable decomposition of attic materials leading to costly repairs and extensive mould remediation.

Attics that are not properly insulated, not enough roof vents, soffits blocked, improper venting of fans can all increase moisture/water intrusion into the attic space.

If you’ve had any critters in your attic there’s a good chance, they’ve disturbed the insulation.

Some Mould prevention tips and things to look for in an attic space

Vent not attached.

  • Block and stop critters from entering the attic
  • Ensure all exhaust fans are properly vented outside
  • Are there enough roof vents for the size of the attic?
  • Are the vents sealed properly?
  • Shingles missing?
  • Are the soffits blocked?
  • Do not store cardboard and materials in the attic space 
  • How’s the insulation?  Not enough? Too much?

Clutter in the attic is an excellent food source for mould


Correct the cause, stop the mold

We can successfully remove mould…that’s what we do. But if the cause of the mold is not fixed and monitored then the mould will surely return.



Preventative maintenance can save you thousands in mould removal costs $$

Removal of mould growth in attics can be costly, it might look like “a little” mould but the precautions that we have to take to access the area may be extensive.

 Most attics are not made to withstand the weight of workers and to compensate for this we take every precaution to avoid falling through ceilings and keeping our crew safe by building platforms to access working areas if needed. Insulation may have to be moved for us to access our working area.
A little job may take a lot of time in preparation.

 Heat stress is also a condition to consider while performing mould remediation in attics that reflects the cost of the job. It’s HOT up there! Now imagine working in an attic in the summer, now add a chemical suit and respirator. I’m sure you can appreciate the breaks that are needed while working in these conditions.

 All of these factors are accounted for in the price of the job. Being pro-active by investigating your attic can save you a lot of money if you catch a small problem before it turns into a very costly mold remediation.

Vermiculite in Attics

Testing for Asbestos Containing Materials

Vermiculite is an insulation that can be found in attics. Vermiculite itself is not asbestos but can contain asbestos depending on where its mined. The only way to know is to test the material.

If we find any traces of vermiculite during our attic inspection, we are prepared to take the samples as per Ontario Regulation 278/05 and have them analyzed by a third-party laboratory.

Sometimes it’s easy to detect the vermiculite and sometimes its hidden beneath or between other insulations.

Metro Contract Management will be able to help determine the cause of the mould and provide recommendations to fix the problem so the mould remediation will be a complete success.

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