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Any renovation, demolition etc. must start with Asbestos Testing of the materials being removed. The obligation falls on the owner of the project to inform any contractor bidding on the project if any materials contain asbestos. The contractor also has a responsibility to protect his workers from any potential asbestos exposure.

There are rules pertaining to the number of samples collected to comply with Ontario Regulation 278/05. There is a minimum number of asbestos samples required to be taken to classify the material as non-asbestos containing. Taking one sample of one kind of building material is not enough.

Yes, it does add a cost to the project but there is nothing worse than finding out mid project that the material that has been removed with proper precautions is asbestos containing.
The cost to clean up after an improper asbestos removal

Dealing with Metro Contract Management ensures that the collection of samples, and where to sample for asbestos will provide diligence and peace of mind to both the homeowners and contractor.

Asbestos Containing Materials

Some Asbestos Containing materials (ACM) are easy to identify.
These materials are historically asbestos containing and usually not tested but treated as asbestos containing. Samples are usually collected for legal purposes if there is a dipute etc.

Air Cell Pipe Insulation

Asbestos containing material around wall and floor vents.
Sometimes the material is like paper and other times it appears to look like drywall

Asbestos Containing material around duct work

Mechanical Insulation

Boilers can also have asbestos inside as well as the outer coating.

Johns Mansville Siding

Some materials need to be tested in order to classify the material as asbestos containing.

Asbestos is present in more building materials than most people realize.

Vermiculite insulation is NOT asbestos but can contain asbestos fibers.

The age of the building with the knowledge of when asbestos containing material was used may be an indication whether asbestos is present but without laboratory analysis it cannot be confirmed or denied.