Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Testing Services

Not only are there regulations pertaining to the removal of asbestos containing materials, the collection of samples and management of remaining asbestos containing materials is also regulated.

Any renovation, demolition etc. must start with Asbestos Testing of the building materials being removed. The obligation falls on the owner of the project to inform any contractor bidding on the project if any materials contain asbestos. The contractor also has a responsibility to protect his workers from any potential asbestos exposure.

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Call Metro Contract Management for asbestos sample collection and testing!

Ontario Regulation 278/05 There is a lot to know in order to achieve compliance with the Regulations pertaining to Asbestos and Designated Substances. Its not just when renovations are taking place that testing of potential asbestos containing materials is needed. Certain buildings depending on occupancy, age etc. are required to have documentation prepared regarding asbestos.

Limited Bulk Asbestos Analysis (PLM): This is where only a limited number of samples are taken. Let’s say if you are removing only one area during a renovation, flood etc.

Asbestos Survey: All possible asbestos containing materials are tested. A report is made with details such as what materials contain or do not contain asbestos. Type of asbestos, where the asbestos is located etc.

Asbestos Management Plan: The asbestos survey is part of the asbestos management plan. If you have confirmed asbestos containing material and it is being left in place you are required to have an Asbestos management plan. Yearly this has to be updated with the condition of the asbestos containing material. It also includes information such as what to do if there if there is an emergency, if workers are working around the material and other important information

Designated Substance Survey Report: A Designated Substance Survey Report also include the asbestos survey and includes designated substances such as mercury, lead, silica to name a few.

Airborne Fiber Count Testing (PCM): Air testing for asbestos is usually only done for clearance after a Type 3 Removal.

How many samples of material to take when testing, what types of material may contain asbestos?  Friable or non-friable?  Does the material have to be removed or can it be left in place? Do I need a DSSR or Asbestos Management Plan?  How many samples of material to take when testing, what types of material may contain asbestos?   Does the material have to be removed or can it be left in place? Do I need a DSSR or Asbestos Management Plan?

And you may be thinking I don’t even know what those are so how do I know if I need them?

This is why it’s important to deal with Metro Contract Management that not only performs removals but has the knowledge and experience in all aspects of Asbestos.

From limited bulk asbestos testing to preparation of documentation required to be in compliance with Ontario Regulation 278/05 Metro Contract Management is here to guide you through the process.

Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)

Asbestos was used in many products.  A lot of customers and people we share information with are shocked to know that extent of the materials that asbestos can actually be in.  A lot have knowledge about asbestos floor tiles (it’s not only 9x9s), asbestos around heating systems and boilers but a lot are unaware of asbestos in plaster, drywall joint compound and many other building materials.

Some asbestos containing materials are easy to identify.  These materials are historically asbestos containing and usually not tested but treated as asbestos containing.  Samples may be collected for legal purposes if there is a dispute or Ministry of Labour orders.

Materials such as Air Cell pipe insulation, parging on boiler systems and wrapping around Heating systems and John Mansville siding are a perfect-examples of this.

Some Materials need to be tested for asbestos content in order to classify the material as asbestos containing.

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