Buying or Selling a Home with Asbestos?

Buying or selling a property is stressful enough without the additional worry of asbestos or vermiculite. Having asbestos in your home can be intimidating to potential buyers and could potentially result in the loss of sale or decrease your homes value.

Consider having your asbestos removal done by our team of professionals at Metro to increase your home’s value and alleviate extra conditions upon closing. ACM (asbestos containing material) is easy to identify if it’s on pipes and boilers but most often overlooked is the (ACM) asbestos material that is sometimes found around the boots of the ventilation system. Most home owners are unaware of this hidden spot and often don’t find out until they’ve had a proper home inspection done.

Still not sure if that “stuff” is asbestos? Not a problem, our estimates and recommendations by our asbestos removal team are free and we would be more than happy to assist you in figuring it out!

Many clients we’ve encountered have lived in their home for many years and didn’t know that “stuff” was indeed asbestos.

Metro’s asbestos removal team will also provide Asbestos air testing and Asbestos bulk sampling.

We offer emergency residential services for asbestos and mould removal throughout Hamilton, Burlington, Halton, Niagara and surrounding areas.

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