Vermiculite Removal Services

Asbestos Containing Vermiculite Removal

Vermiculite insulation itself in not asbestos but can be mixed with asbestos fibers depending on where it was mined. Vermiculite is one of the materials that need to be tested to determine if asbestos is present.

Vermiculite Insulation can appear either popcorn-like or as small-sized granules

Vermiculite can be found in attics, walls, knee walls, cement blocks, chimny liners and even in gardens.

Vermiculite can be found with other insulations as well! We’ve seen it on, under and between other insulations and building materials.

These pictures are the perfect example of why doing a thorough investigation is important. Without looking under the floor boards and underneath the batting we wouldn’t have found the vermiculite.

Not only is Metro Contract Management prepared to collect the vermiculite and have tested for asbestos content, we’re also ready to remove it as well!


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